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Bonanza is like an online shopping mall that connects shoppers and sellers from all over the world to transact directly. Bonanza does not produce, house or ship any inventory; instead, each seller lists their items for sale, and shoppers purchase goods straight from the seller.

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Why shop on Bonanza?

1. The vast amount of unique items. Whether you're looking for rare auto parts to fix an old model, a vibrant young strawberry plant for your garden, or the latest fashion, chances are you can find it on Bonanza.

The 25 million+ items on Bonanza are a delightful blend of:

  • Brand new products (similar to Amazon)
  • Handmade items (similar to Etsy)
  • Used items, rarities, collectibles, and replacement parts (similar to eBay)

Sellers also have the option to accept offers for their items, similar to eBay's bidding system.

2. Support small businesses. In this fast-paced digital world, we believe that personal connections are more valuable than ever. When you make a purchase on Bonanza, you're buying directly from (and supporting) an individual business.

Rather than minimize a seller’s store information, we highlight them on item listing pages and seller profiles so that you can get to know who you’re buying from. We also make it easy for shoppers and sellers to communicate personally via our on-site messaging system.

You'll enjoy establishing repeat business with sellers you like. Use your Bonanza account to follow your favorite sellers and receive updates from them, such as new product releases, sales, and discounts. Sellers have access to tools that help them build a relationship with shoppers. It's a friendlier world that we love to live in.

Get to know a seller on their Profile page.

Get to know a seller on their Profile page.


3. Find reliable suppliers for niche items, or items you need regularly. Securing a reliable supplier for your hobby or special interest makes it that much easier to enjoy. Just ask the gardeners, car repair enthusiasts, and coin collectors who shop on Bonanza. Here's an example from Matt, a long-time Bonanza shopper with a passion for music gear:

A customer testimonial from Matt R., a long-time Bonanza shopper with a passion for music gear.

What happens when I make a purchase on Bonanza?

How Bonanza Works

  1. As a customer, you’ll visit Bonanza and place an order with a seller.
  2. You’ll pay the seller directly using one of our secure payment providers. This will be PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Stripe, depending on which the seller has chosen to use for their business. You can use your credit or debit card with any of these providers.
  3. The seller receives your order, confirms your payment, and ships the order directly to you via their preferred shipping carrier.
  4. Receive your item and rejoice! (If you'd like to share the love, consider tagging our Instagram account in a photo of your new loot).

Who do I pay when I make a purchase on Bonanza?

You pay the seller directly using a secure payment processor – either PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Stripe, depending on which the seller has chosen to use for their business. Bonanza does not process any financial transactions itself. Each of these payment processors offers privacy and security for your financial information so that you can shop with confidence.

Forgot which payment processor you used for your order? You can find those details in your order summary.

How will my item be shipped to me?

The seller ships directly to you via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or another qualified carrier. Sellers typically include their shipping service details on their item listing pages, but if not, you can contact them directly to find out. Look for the button labeled 'Contact the seller' on the item listing page.

You can contact a seller directly with any questions from the item listing page.

You can contact a seller directly with any questions from the item listing page.


If a seller uses tracking information with their shipments, they will post this in your order summary once the item ships, or send it to you directly via email.

Shipping question after you order? Contact the seller directly from your order summary.

What if I have a problem with my transaction?

No worries! We offer guidance on how to resolve an order issue, and our support team is standing by and ready to help. You can contact us anytime via email at or by clicking here.

We want Bonanza to be a safe, fun, and enjoyable marketplace for all, so we take all reports of order issues seriously. We have a dedicated Loss / Risk Prevention team that is proactive about keeping scammers and other unsavory sellers off the site, and we do remove sellers from the site if they are not upholding their end of the sale.

Here’s some feedback about our support from satisfied shoppers:

Feedback from satisfied shoppers 1 Feedback from satisfied shoppers 2

Any inside tips for shoppers?

This page has helpful guides on searching for items, the checkout process, and making the most of your Bonanza account.

Psst....Here are some tips and tricks to find the best deals on Bonanza.

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Why sell on Bonanza?

At Bonanza, we empower entrepreneurs to create their dream businesses, minus the busywork. Building your online store takes vision, dedication, and time -- so you need to know you’re building on a solid foundation. Our business was built to propel your business. That’s why we offer friendlier fees, robust advertising options, and the tools you need to build a sustainable business with repeat customers. We could fill a whole page with exciting links related to selling on Bonanza, but here are some highlights to get you started.


Low selling fees on Bonanza

It's free to list items on Bonanza, and any selling and advertising fees are only collected after you make a sale. Our fees start at 3.5% and scale from there based on what advertising methods are best for your business. (You can also choose not to advertise and remain at the 3.5% fee level).

You are not required to subscribe to a paid membership, although we do offer paid memberships that provide additional benefits.

If you'd like to expand your reach outside of the Bonanza marketplace through advertising channels such as Google Shopping, you can choose to opt into a higher fee rate. (More on our advertising options below).

If you have your own methods of advertising, such as social media, blogs, or email lists, you'll love our free referral program. Every seller gets a custom referral link, and any sales in your Bonanza booth that came from that referral link are free of fees. When you put in the hard work to promote your business, we believe you deserve to be rewarded.

Advertising Options

Advertising Options on Bonanza

Advertising your items outside of a marketplace doesn't have to be time-consuming or difficult. With Bonanza’s optional advertising program, it's easy and risk-free to experiment and find out which advertising level works best for your business.

Start by choosing a commission fee rate. Higher commission fee rates yield a higher ad spend on multiple external platforms, resulting in increased reach for your items. Bonanza covers the cost of advertising your items in these channels until your item sells. You only pay the commission rate if you make a sale as a result of that advertising. If your item sells organically, such as a buyer discovering it through Bonanza's site search, you'll pay only the base 3.5% fee.

We offer four advertising levels:

  • Basic (9% fee) — This gives you access to Google Shopping’s powerful shopping engine, our network of affiliate bloggers, and Bonanza Promotions.
  • Standard (13% fee) — All the channels of Basic, plus publishing to eBay.
  • Superior (19% fee) — All the channels of Standard, plus BingAds.
  • Elite (30% fee) — All the channels of Superior, plus an even higher ad spend.

When you sell an item, you'll pay up to the fee you've selected from the list above – never more. We'll charge you less than that fee whenever possible. See our Bonanza Advertising FAQ page for more details about advertising your items through Bonanza.

The Tools to Build Sustainable, Repeat Business

The Tools to Build Sustainable, Repeat Business

We believe that you should be able to establish a relationship with your customers. With this in mind, we’ve built our entire site around showcasing individual sellers.

Information about your booth is featured on each item listing, and shoppers are encouraged to browse your other items. Shoppers can also send you a direct message from any item listing page. Communication and visibility allow you to build a personal connection with your buyers and turn them into repeat customers.

We also provide tools to optimize interactions with your customers and turn one-time buyers into repeat shoppers, like these:

  • Customer Marketing Tool: This tool enables you to view useful data about your past customers and then sort, filter, and save groups of customers based on these details. You can then use these lists to craft customized marketing campaigns, such as offering discounts on jewelry items to customers who have bought items in that category from you in the past.
  • Customer Marketing Coupons: This is a great way to create memorable customer experiences. Select from popular pre-made coupon templates, such as a coupon for booth followers that haven’t made a purchase in the past 3 months. Or, you can get creative and build your own custom coupon to share with your followers.
  • Seller Stats Dashboard: We provide actionable data like item views and revenue that sellers can use to improve their online business. A single glance will allow you to easily spot item trends and growth patterns to help you control inventory, change prices, and more. The graph will also show when you had Turbo Traffic active, helping you quickly visualize its traffic-boosting benefits.
  • Webstores: A Bonanza Webstore is a customizable online store that is separate from the Bonanza marketplace and populated with your inventory on Bonanza. Webstores are great for sellers who want to build their own brand outside a marketplace with minimal extra work. It doesn't hurt that you pay zero fees on all sales made through your Webstore, either.

We Value Seller Feedback

We Value Seller Feedback

Experience has proven to us that listening to our sellers feedback is the best opportunity we have to consistently improve our product. We have a dedicated feedback site, conduct regular surveys, and take other no-nonsense measures to ensure we spend time building the features you need without wasting time on the features you don’t.

Our Commitment to Entrepreneurs

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build a strong, lasting brand. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – Bonanza is well-suited for sellers of all sizes and inventory types. Whether you have a few items taking up space in your garage, a smattering of carefully handmade items, or a vast collection of anything and everything to sell, Bonanza is a place that you can be successful. All of our tools are designed to help you attract buyers and establish your brand without demanding too much of your time.

We’ve been helping build successful businesses since 2008, and we’d be honored by the opportunity to help you build yours.