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Quantum Flask Alkaline Energy Water Ionizer 13.5oz - Silver

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Stainless Steel

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New 2013 Quantum Flask Alkaline Ionizer Scalarizer Package includes: Quantum flask, Carrying case,Natural minerals cartridge, Nano authenticity card User's manual pH level: Increases 2pH (Turns standard city H2O from 7pH to 9.2pH) Low ORP: Below -200mV Volume: 400ml / 13.5oz Dimension: 2.75" diameter X 8" height Material: Stainless steel (Food Grade #304) Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty* Features: Anti-oxidant function due to rapid deoxidation process of magnesium and other minerals Abundance of activated hydrogen Fast transformation, it takes 3-5 mins to create alkaline mineral water Portable and easy to use Small water molecule (cluster 48Hz) very water absorptive Rapid dissolution and excretion of toxin in the body Great tasting water Economical, no maintenance needed Regular drinking of alkaline water will help or prevent from many diseases like: Colitis pain,Depression,Constipation,Chronic fatigue syndrome,High Cholesterol,Obesity,Diabetes,Osteoporosis,High blood,Gout,Indigestion,and Cancer (cancer cell do not grow in alkaline environment) Drink alkaline ionized pure healthy water anywhere... anytime! You will get the same result compared to buying 4,000.00 alkaline ionizer machine. Skeptic Of course you are! That's a huge price difference. How to know if you'll getting the same alkaline water It's so easy, just buy pH tester at any pharmacy, pet/aquarium store or pool company and test the water from that of 4,000.00 worth of machine our Quantum flask. Yes, to see is to believe...Truly amazing!!! But that's not only that,Dalimara Quantum flask is embeddedwith Scalar Energy Japanese Technology Quantum Energy Scienceturns ordinarywater into alive water.more infoclick here. What makes this Dalimara Quantum Flask a unique product 1. It turns ordinarywater to pure healthy alkaline water in just few minutes from neutral tap water 7pH to 9pH alkaline water 2. ItIonized Water unit produces two kinds of water with different redox potentials, one with a high reduction potential and the other with a high oxidation potential.When taken internally, the reduced Ionized Water with itsORP (Oxydation Reduction Potential)of -200mV readily donates its electrons to oddball oxygen free radicals and blocks the interaction of the active oxygen with normal molecules. 3. It scalarize your drinking waterinto full bodied energized alive water The minerals inside the filter namely Zeolite, Tourmaline, FIR store, Muyu Jade, Maifanshi stone, Nano Silver, Kaolin earth, 6 other bio ceramic food grade stone has been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the source water. What is ORPORP stands for Oxydation Reduction Potential. Water either has a "positive" or "negative" ORP, measured in millivolts mV. It is the negative ORP that is beneficial to our body in that it reduces oxidation (anti-oxidant). Negative ORP is in ionized water and fresh, uncooked foods. Positive ORP increases oxidation (aging) and is found in tap water, bottled waters, distilled and reverse osmosis waters as well as cooked and processed foods. What is Scalar Energy Beneficial for people with: ULCERS,GASTRITIS,HYPER ACIDITY, ACIDOSIS,CONSTIPATION, HYPERTENSION, DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, LOW ENERGY, DEHYDRATION, OBESITY, DRY SKIN ALLERGIES, KIDNEY AND BLADDER PROBLEMS.. The mineral cartridge will last for6 monthswith daily consumption of 2 liters a day. Cartridge replacement is available for only 12 NOTE:The purpose of the flask is to increase water pH up to 2pH alkaline from 7pH neutral to 9.0pH - 9.2pH. Please do not expect a substandard (below 7pH) water source to reach 9pH. This Quantum flask does not filter the water. You need to pour mineral or filtered water to be able to get pure filtered alkaline water, otherwise you'll just getting alkaline tap water. To getexact pH level count, you can buy pH tester at any pet stores that sell aquarium. DRINK ALKALINE IONIZE WATER TO GET RID OF TOXINS IN THE BODY SOLD FOR 200 FROM MULTI-LEVEL/NETWORK MKTG SAVE YOUR . SAVE YOUR HEALTH. SAVE YOUR FAMILY For wholesale inquiry, please email sales@dalimara.com Cannot be return once submerged in water. Click Return Policy Print here: User's Manual
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